Life & Pensions Articles

Continuity Achieves €10M for Machine Learning Risk Detection

French professional insurance company, Continuity, has raised €10M (US$10.7m) for AI and machine learning-powered risk detection

MIS: AI for Insurers Following Catastrophic Events

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) has launched an AI damage classifier for insurers, enhancing GEO platform efficiency post-catastrophe

Top Cities for Traffic Collisions and Their Insurance Rates

CRIF's new analysis identifies the highest and lowest risk areas for car collision risks in England and Wales, and how insurance costs vary

Five Tips For Successful Embedded Insurance Deployment

Ekine Akuiyibo, Chief Business Officer at Socotra, guides financial professionals through strategies for deploying successful embedded insurance

Japan's Unique Insurance: Hole-In-One Coverage

While the odds are long, the feat holds unique cultural significance in Japan, where golfers host extravagant celebrations, often costing thousands

What is Embedded Insurance?

Read on for an in-depth definition of embedded insurance, a rapidly expanding field driven by technological advancements and rising customer expectations

How DORA Could Change The Way We View Cybersecurity

A conversation with Richard Hoptroff, Founder and Chief Time Officer at Hoptroff, who talks time synchronisation, hacking and industry fairness

Insurtech INZMO Unveils AI Legal Chatbot for Rental Issues

Berlin's INZMO launches RentalBot, an AI-powered legal chatbot to assist German tenants and landlords with tailored legal support on rental issues 24/7