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Digital transformation and the legacy of insurance

The insurance industry is mid-transition during an economic slowdown and investment drought. So what does the immediate future look like?

Kajal Vakas of LexisNexis Risk Solutions talks IWD2023

Kajal Vakas, senior vertical market manager of claims at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, talks diversity and inclusion in the insurance space on IWD2023

LexisNexis Director Tom Lawrie-Fussey on life and leadership

Tom Lawrie-Fussey, Director of Automotive at LexisNexis Risk Solutions Insurance, UK and Ireland, talks motivation, inspiration and challenges today


Karen Lynch: Blazing a trail for the Health insurance sector

Karen Lynch is the President and CEO of CVS Health – a leading US health insurance provider. In 2021, she was the top ranking female CEO in the Fortune 500

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Zurich France: driving change in insurance risk resilience

Transforming legacy systems is an ongoing journey for Zurich France, as it tackles new risk and resilience solutions

Beyond insurance: Grupo Ageas Portugal

As one of Portugal’s best established insurance providers, Grupo Ageas is leading the way through innovation and new marketplace offerings


Vitality: Using technology to transform health insurance

As one of the global leaders in digital health management, Vitality is revolutionising preventative medicine

Chubb: Driving Digital Insurance Innovation

A truly global commercial and consumer insurer, Chubb is driving digital transformation across the digital and insurance marketplace globally.

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Mathieu Pauwels

Denis Stasinski

Céline Garnier

Martin de Laubadère

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Top 10 UK insurtechs to watch this year

The UK insurtech market is moving from strength to strength. We’ve compiled the top 10 companies to watch in 2023


Top 10 insurtechs based in continental Europe

Insurtechs are a force to be reckoned with in Europe. We've listed the top 10 companies driving change in digital insurance


Top 10 telematic insurance providers in the US in 2023

Telematics technology is transforming the auto insurance industry - and has been adopted by many traditional providers.


Top 10 Insurtech Trends Disrupting the Insurance Industry

The latest insurtech trends are transforming the insurance industry and disrupting legacy insurance providers. We take a look at the top 10 disruptors.

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Zurich France: driving change in insurance risk resilience

Grupo Ageas Portugal on the digital insurance revolution


VitalityHealth: Telehealth in a digitised world

Chubb Studio and embedded offerings