Riverbed Announces New AI Observability Capabilities

Riverbed, a leader in AI observability, unveils advanced AI-powered platform to optimise digital experiences, and new solutions for mobile, cloud, AIOps

Riverbed, a provider of AI observability, has unveiled a new AI-powered platform designed to optimise digital experiences and has announced several new solutions aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by insurers. This launch represents the company's largest product introduction in recent years, featuring a unified agent and enhancements in visibility across complex IT environments.

Insurers increasingly recognise the importance of proactivity in their operations to retain market share and enhance customer experiences. It is no longer enough to react to market conditions to grow market share, they need to mitigate customers losing money in the first place by becoming more customer-centric.

Riverbed's latest solutions have been developed to address the pain points of insurance IT teams, including the prevalent blind spots in legacy technology estates that prevent data from delivering its full potential.

“Organisations are racing to implement AI solutions and learning that successful AI outcomes are only possible with high-quality, trusted, and relevant data. The complex IT landscape, characterised by distributed infrastructures and hybrid work arrangements, also demands robust observability to ensure positive user digital experiences,” says Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst at theCUBE Research.

“Riverbed’s new AI-powered observability platform optimises digital experiences by leveraging a unified agent, all of Riverbed's existing solutions, new network and mobile solutions, and second-generation AI technology with almost 200 automated responses out of the box. The platform offers an open architecture to support an ecosystem of partners, integrations, and the ingestion of third-party data. By leveraging Riverbed’s platform, organisations can reduce the complexity of supporting highly distributed environments to drive operational efficiency, deliver better digital experiences, and enable business growth.”

The platform

The new Riverbed Platform provides AI-powered observability to enhance digital experiences by being open, simple, and smart. It integrates data collection across networks, IT infrastructure, applications, user experience, and cloud with around 35 pre-built integrations, facilitating an AIOps engine for analysis and automated remediation. This platform enables optimised reporting through in-built dashboards and external IT Service Management tools like ServiceNow.

Key components include the Riverbed Unified Agent, which simplifies the deployment of visibility solutions across various modules without additional agents. The Riverbed Data Store processes vast amounts of data for efficient accessibility and actionable insights. Additionally, the Topology Viewer offers dynamic mappings of device connectivity, providing clear data context.

The platform also introduces new visibility solutions, such as Riverbed Aternity Mobile, a pioneering mobile monitoring tool aimed at boosting productivity by addressing performance issues on enterprise mobile devices. Riverbed NPM+ extends network visibility, even in complex environments like Zero Trust, by leveraging the Unified Agent to collect decrypted data across endpoints. Furthermore, Riverbed NetProfiler now includes advanced monitoring features for SD-WAN health and performance, enhancing its capability to deliver real-time network and application insights.

Riverbed IQ 2.0 and Aternity Intelligent Service Desk

Riverbed has also introduced Riverbed IQ 2.0, a SaaS-based AIOps service that leverages AI-driven automation to enhance operational efficiency by reducing alert fatigue and accelerating problem resolution. This service is complemented by the industry-first SaaS-delivered Network Performance Monitoring (NPM+) tool and Riverbed Aternity Mobile.

NPM+ addresses network visibility challenges in remote work and public cloud environments, while Aternity Mobile enables proactive monitoring of digital experiences on enterprise-owned mobile devices, ensuring that employees maintain access to critical workflows.

The "Aternity Intelligent Service Desk" by Riverbed enhances service desk and call center operations using AI to automate workflows and resolve common issues. This service improves efficiency and user satisfaction by integrating sentiment analysis, ensuring a better understanding and handling of user issues from detection to resolution. It's part of Riverbed's broader strategy to offer advanced AI-powered solutions and visibility tools designed to optimise digital experiences and manage complex IT environments effectively.

The combined capabilities of these tools allow IT teams to derive actionable intelligence from their data, fostering better decision-making and enhanced digital experiences (DEX). As AI continues to dominate boardroom discussions, with potential significant financial impact on the sector, the adoption of such advanced technological solutions becomes critical for insurers looking to modernise their operations and meet the digital demands of younger generations.

Dave Donatelli, CEO of Riverbed, emphasised the commitment to improving digital experiences through AI, stating, "Great AI starts with great data, and our platform and visibility solutions provide IT with full-fidelity and real data that is the most comprehensive in the industry."


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