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Alex Clere

Editor of FinTech & InsurTech Digital Magazines

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Alex Clere is the Editor of FinTech and InsurTech Digital magazines, covering financial technology and insurance. A digital editor with a background in both B2B and B2C publishing, he has previously written about Food & Beverage and FMCG. He is a self-confessed grammar pedant and an over-user of dashes.

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The latest movers and shakers in the world of insurtech

It’s time to round up some of the most significant new hires in insurance and insurtech – including notable appointments from Monzo, Aon, and Gallagher Re

The latest people moves in the world of insurtech

InsurTech Magazine take a look at some of the most significant recent moves as big-name companies in the insurtech sector reshuffle their leadership teams

Protecting data security and integrity in insurance

Insurers are party to reams of sensitive, financial information about policyholders – so how do they keep this data private amid myriad threats?

Earth observation and imaging in insurance underwriting

With a rising number of satellites in orbit, we ask how earth observation technologies are changing the way insurers spot and enumerate risk

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Wolt: deploying a safety net into the platform economy

Technology company Wolt’s Head of Insurance and Risk Garrett Olson explains the insurance needs of Wolt’s 180,000+ courier partners

A history of digital transformation within insurance

HSB Canada has evolved as a business and kept pace with societal changes and shifts in consumer demand during its near-150-year history

Preparing insurance for the future of autonomous vehicles

With autonomous vehicles set to disrupt the future of mobility, Apollo ibott 1971’s Chris Moore talks about the implications for the insurance industry

Mission's programme model for insurance underwriting

In the space of 18 months, Mission Underwriters has launched an innovative programme approach to insurance underwriting and taken on its first series.

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Garrett Olson

Wolt’s Head of Insurance and Risk

Interview with: Erez Nissim

Chief Technology Officer at Novidea

Michael Scarbeau

Vice President, Head of Information Technology at HSB Canada

Lasith Lansakara

Vice President, Client Solutions and Innovation at HSB Canada

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Top 10 insurtech incubators

At a time when funding, mentorship and access to venture capitalists is highly sought after, we ask who the Top 10 insurtech incubators & accelerators are

Top 10 insurtech fundraises to date

We round up the 10 largest insurtech funding rounds in the history of the industry, with one company raking in over US$1.4bn in total!


Top 10 reinsurers in the insurance industry

These are the 10 reinsurers who have made the biggest impact in the insurance industry, amassing the highest amount of annual premiums


Top 10 insurtech accelerator programmes 2023

We list our Top 10 accelerator programmes that are providing mentorship to, and investing in, early-stage insurtech startups and entrepreneurs

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Wolt: creating insurance that's fit for the platform economy

A history of digital transformation within insurance

Apollo ibott's Chris Moore on insuring autonomous vehicles

Assurant: protecting and connecting consumer tech