Wolt: creating insurance that's fit for the platform economy

Technology company Wolt’s Head of Insurance and Risk Garrett Olson explains the insurance needs of Wolt’s 180,000+ courier partners

Wolt is a Helsinki-based technology company that provides an online platform for consumers, merchants and couriers. On Wolt’s app, customers can easily discover and order their favourite meals, fresh groceries and local goods delivered to their doorstep – whether that’s home, the office or even a park. In 2022, Wolt joined forces with DoorDash, which operates in 29 countries today, including 25 of them with the Wolt product and brand.

Founded in 2014, Wolt has rapidly grown to a 9,000-person company spread across 25 countries and hundreds of cities – from Oslo to Tokyo. Wolt has also expanded from restaurants to multiple verticals, and customers can today order a broad selection of products on Wolt – from medicines to dog food and flowers to cosmetics.    

Wolt partners with more than 180,000 courier partners, who help keep the wheels turning – literally – by delivering products to consumers’ doors. Courier partners choose to work with Wolt for the flexibility and freedom that the platform has to offer – be it to work on the side of studies, to save money for a trip, or for people to provide for their families. Wolt provides all courier partners on their platform with accident and liability insurance.

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