Female Leadership Powering Insurance Strategy at Novidea

Maayan Cyzs, VP Strategy at Novidea
This International Women’s Day, Maayan Cyzs, VP Strategy at Novidea sat down with us to share her experiences as a female executive in insurance

On the 8th of March each year, people around the world come together to honour International Women’s Day, a significant occasion dedicated to recognising women's accomplishments in social, economic, cultural, and political spheres. Dating back more than a century to its inception in 1911, this year's focus is on 'Inspire Inclusion', amplifying the celebration of diversity and empowerment not only for International Women's Day 2024 but for the future as well.

This theme underscores the pivotal role inclusion plays in realising gender equality. It urges action to dismantle barriers, defy stereotypes, and foster environments where every woman feels valued and respected. Indeed, when women feel included, there's a profound sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment.

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Today, we're privileged to converse with Maayan Cyzs, VP Strategy at Novidea who generously shares her insights as we observe International Women’s Day.

Female leadership at the heart of insurance strategy

“I am passionate about my never-ending learning journey,” Cyzs says. 

“It’s how I believe I was able to advance and grow my career in Insurtech – always curious, always looking for new angles, always building relationships, always gaining insights to broaden my knowledge. I refer to it as the ‘octopus practice’. Accumulating knowledge in technology in general, and in the insurance industry specifically, was always a part of my natural behaviour, my DNA.

Maayan Cyzs serves as VP Strategy leading cross organisational projects and infrastructure to provide unity and benefits across the business to support the company’s hyper growth. Previously, Maayan held a number of other positions at Novidea, including Head of Global Delivery and Customer Success. Cyzs has been pivotal in helping to solidify Novidea’s global customer base with her extensive knowledge of the company’s platform, collaboration with teams from across the business, and experience managing enterprise-scale projects. Previously, Maayan served as Web & Software Project Manager at both Matrix and Netwise. Cyzs holds an MBA from Bar-Ilan University in Human Resources Management and Personnel Administration, and BSc in Industrial Engineering & Management from Shenkar College.

Our insurance distribution platform is built to digitalise insurance businesses. That means fuelling rapid growth, optimising customer experience, gleaning real-time insights and actionable intelligence, and more.

“As VP, Strategy at Novidea, I have built a formidable team over the last few years,” she continues. 

“I found myself in search of like-minded people. While it wasn’t intentional, my team is 75% women. I’m not shy in saying that I simply believe in women. They possess the winning combination of skills and love of learning to make them successful. Working together is always inspiring as we all continue to grow and learn from each other.”

Novidea leverages the power of Salesforce’s Big Technology. It provides a complete ecosystem spanning every aspect of an insurance business, enabling full integration between customer-facing policy transactions and the middle and back office. Meanwhile, Novidea gathers customer data, turning it into actionable insights for delivering greater customer value through tailored products and services. All this happens in one platform that you can access anytime from anywhere.


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