Apr 09, 2021

Top 11 worst insurance scams in history

Joanna England
7 min
Top 11 worst insurance scams in history
From the shocking to the ridiculous, insurance companies have literally seen it all when it comes to unscrupulous scammers...


The latest technology must come as a relief to most insurance firms, many of which still rely on human underwriters to decipher the validity of claims made. With better technology comes greater transparency, and less chance of fraudulant claims being made. 

 In the UK alone in 2020, 107,000 fake insurance claims worth £1.2bn were uncovered by insurers. That equates to a new scam being uncovered every five minutes – or in other words, 300 a day. 

When it comes to insurance fraud, there is very little the industry hasn’t seen. We take a look at some of the most bizarre and downright ludicrous claims that have been made against firms in history - and how they were rumbled.

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