French Tech Company Zaion Develops Breakthrough AI Callbot

Natural-language understanding (NLU) advances to a whole new level with a groundbreaking new development by French firm Zaion

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced considerably in recent decades. Thanks to technological breakthroughs, it has become possible to create systems that can understand human speech and respond intelligently to questions asked of them.

Natural-language understanding (NLU) has been a niche area of research for many AI enthusiasts since the 1960s. Even at the time of writing, there is no system capable of understanding language as well as humans do, but that's about to change.

A French insurtech startup, Zaion has developed a new AI assistant that advances natural-language understanding (NLU) to an unprecedented level. The company's breakthrough NLU system is the first of its kind in the world and offers many advantages over other systems available across the industry.

The rise of AI assistants

Developments in AI are acting as a catalyst for major strides in NLU. Zaion's Callbot understands human speech and has the capacity for conversation. It can even transcribe speech-to-text or turn speech-to-text with high precision in multiple languages regardless of the call quality.

This breakthrough AI assistant is being used by insurance businesses to provide exceptional customer service and develop a competitive edge against other companies without such an advanced system. The company's new solution aims to put the voice at the centre of a meaningful, engaging, and successful connection with customers.

Next-generation AI callbots could be a game-changer

Callbots are AI assistants that can be used across multiple channels, including voice calls and chat. This new solution by Zaion offers businesses several advantages over traditional IVR systems (Interactive Voice Response), which were previously considered more compelling than live agents at answering customer queries quickly.

Most people do not like speaking with bots on the phone because they are not able to make conversation or recognise requests. Machine-based calls generally frustrate customers and may even cause them to abandon their calls. However, this is not a problem with next-generation callbots assisted by AI since they have been designed specifically for use on such voice calls.

New voice-related solutions offer businesses of all sizes significant benefits over traditional IVR systems such as:

  • More customers can be handled by fewer agents due to the system's ability to answer queries autonomously.
  • Customers are not frustrated by navigating menus or listening to hold music for long periods of time because they can ask questions directly via voice calls without any need for human input.
  • Conversations with customers take place in natural language, allowing them to speak as if they were speaking with another person.
  • Callbots can conduct the conversation across multiple channels instead of just one or two, which is ideal for customers who would prefer to use messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other apps to make their enquiries.

Why callbots matter for insurtech startups

Insurance companies can use callbots to improve their customer service and provide an exceptional experience. In fact, dozens of insurance providers are already using the new AI assistant by Zaion to reduce operational expenses and automate routine, repetitive, and high-volume conversations.

With the exception of a few patient people, no one enjoys speaking with robots on the phone. Even though they are designed to answer customer queries, many people find it difficult to talk with automated systems that do not recognise their requests or cannot converse naturally as a human would. The quality of the customer relationship once again takes centre stage with this new technology.

Going deeper down the AI rabbit-hole with big-data analytics and emotional-intelligence

It would be good enough to finish this article here. Yet, the most significant achievement of Zaion's product is the capacity to keep track of all spoken conversations with artificial intelligence added, regardless of the channel. Turning speech-to-text and compiling the data gives insurtech service providers sophisticated analytics and a birds-eye-view of the bigger picture to further improve their competitiveness.

The new solution also combines technology to identify emotions in real-time and enhance the quality of customer interactions. Zaion's callbot is now able to exhibit empathy thanks to the inclusion of emotion sensors.

To summarise, in today's competitive business landscape, bots may comprehend customers' needs and react sensitively based on their emotional state more than ever. It also makes one wonder if people will be able to tell the difference at all between machine and human voice-interactions in the coming future.


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