Nov 21, 2021

Capto: NextGen automation drives industry transformation

1 min
Watch the full session of Capto’s FinTech & InsurTech Live presentation on automation transformation

Marchela Georgieva and Alexis Chevallot are the dynamic new fintech startup Capto - from Capto a disruptive new technology company that provides next-generation automation tools to the financial services and insurtech industries. The company’s accessible, scalable, flexible and affordable services have made it popular for companies across industries, and importantly, across company sizes too.

Automation and industry

For tFinTech & InsurTech Live, Capto joined together with its partners at Robocorp who are the creators of the market-leading open source python-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform which Capto heavily relies upon for the automation of an impressive range of manual processes and repetitive tasks. 

The 20-minute presentation provides an overview of what is meant by NextGen automation, how the next generation of automation technologies facilitates the growth and sustainability of companies in and outside of the Fintech ecosystem, what the impact of the pandemic has been on digital transformation, and what NextGen automation transformers all businesses should be learning more about and start implementing sooner rather than later.

Watch the full session here: 


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