Regtech & Legal Articles

Getsafe: Replacing insurance paperwork with automation

We take a look at Getsafe, which is building a digital insurance platform, with which it aims to make sure that everyone is properly protected at anytime

Aviva warns of rise in fraudulent insurance claims

As consumers face a cost-of-living squeeze, Aviva warns that fraudulent insurance claims could continue to rise after a 13% increase last year.

How Gradient AI uses technology to provide accurate claims

Founded in order to address a need for AI solutions designed specifically for the insurance industry, we take a look at Gradient AI and its technology

How Tractable uses AI to help insurers with claims

We take a look at how Tractable uses visual AI to help speed up the claims process, by helping access, repair and protect cars

Insurers to change business models for climate resiliency

Capgemini and Efma have found that climate change is hurting the insurance industry and only 8% of insurers are preparing adequately for its impact

At-Bay: Providing cyber insurance in the digital age

As digital risks continue to develop, we take a look at how At-Bay is combining technology and insurance expertise to help businesses be more prepared

Insurtech and Operational Focus for Digital Insurers

Brad Hawkins is Senior VP of Products & Solutions at ServicePower. He looks at redefining the focus of insurance operations in a transforming space

Cachet raises €5.5mn to expand its services across Europe

Cachet, the platform worker-focused insurance services marketplace, has raised €5.5mn, to expand its services to gig workers across Europe and the UK