and Fusion launch global M&A solution for SMEs and Fusion Speciality have announced the launch a new insurance solution for M&As to combat the protection gap for SMEs

The underwriting agency Fusion Specialty has announced the global launch of Mio, a merger and acquisition (M&A) insurance product aimed at SME businesses that are considering deals valued between $1mn and $100mn.

The insurtech, which was founded in 2018, provides innovative insurance solutions, primarily to the small and medium-sized business market, and has underwritten more SME deals than any other insurer across the APAC region since 2019. It has joined with - a technology-first insurtech, to create Mio. is a market newcomer. The startup launched in January 2022, and was the world’s first online mergers and acquisitions (M&A) insurance marketplace for small and medium-sized business (SME) transactions.

The partnership with Fusion Speciality team has seen Mio’s rollout in Australia, the UK, Europe, and the US. The product, the partners say, meets the needs of otherwise neglected risk cover needs of SME buyers, sellers, advisors, and brokers with its proprietary technology and design developed specifically for the SME M&A segment.

SMEs, insurtechs, and their role in the wonder economy

In a statement, the partners emphasised the importance of concentrating on the SME market as a vital component of the wider economy. “SMEs are the lifeblood of the global economy, and Fusion estimates the SME M&A insurance market to be worth almost $US14bn in insurance premiums,” it said.

Currently, despite the high demand, and estimated 60% of submissions for warranty and indemnity (W&I) insurance were declined by insurers in 2021. Furthermore, underwriters often don’t cover smaller M&A deals due to problematic legacy systems, labour-intensive processes, and insufficient staff.

Mio redefining insurance cover for SME M&As

Both Fusion Speciality and say Mio “redefines M&A insurance for SMEs” by providing transactional risk cover for M&A deals valued between $1mn and $100mn. 

Fusion underwriters facilitate this by delivering a standalone policy online within two to three days, versus two to three weeks for traditional policies. Their streamlined process is made possible on the platform, by leveraging fintech, insurtech, and legal tech capabilities, innovating the development of M&A tech. 

In terms of innovative technology,  Mio uses Fusion’s deep knowledge of M&A underwriting, which significantly improves the experience for clients, brokers, and advisors.

Growing insurtech market needs better services for SMEs

David Rogers, who is the co-founder of both Fusion and, said Mio is the first-to-market example of how the fast-growing MGA market is evolving with MGA 2.0.

“Fusion is spearheading a much-needed paradigm shift to MGA 2.0 in this under-modernized market segment with breakthrough innovations. Traditional insurers and MGAs could not be first to market with a product like Mio as the industry has yet to widely embrace technology. We are going much further and have built an MGA 2.0 – specialist underwriting expertise enabled by data and technology and with highly efficient tech-driven partnership distribution.”

Fellow Fusion and co-founder Killian McDermott said’s strategy is to transform the specialty insurance market through the power of partnerships.

“We are building a global ecosystem of clients, advisors, distributors, insurers, and MGAs as commercial partners on the platform.”

He added: With Fusion as the first global partner insurer on, we’ll not only provide a full suite of M&A and specialty and sustainable insurance products, starting with Mio, we’ll be laying the foundation for a world-class insurance marketplace that can grow exponentially and benefit all of our customers and partners.”


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