Insurtech Articles

Commercial auto insurtech Fairmatic raises $46mn in Series B

Commercial auto insurtech Fairmatic has raised US$46mn in Series B funding, nearly doubling the amount of backing it has raised to date

Embedding insurance in the supply chain

Embedding insurance is becoming increasingly vital for businesses seeking to manage the risks of their supply chain, writes Anansi's Megan Bingham-Walker

Tech-based claims reduction to reduce workplace injuries

Workers don't want to work knowing they might be injured, so tech-based claims reduction programs are important writes Gareth Buchanan-Robinson


How will blockchain technology reshape the insurance market?

Blockchain has the power to completely transform insurance, but are business leaders on board and how do we unleash its full potential?

Digital transformation and the legacy of insurance

The insurance industry is mid-transition during an economic slowdown and investment drought. So what does the immediate future look like?

Health insurtech Assured Allies raises $42.5mn in Series B

Health insurtech Assured Allies, which is helping America to navigate its ageing population, has secured US$42.5mn in funding from investors

The value of robotic process automation (RPA) in insurance

Robotic process automation (RPA) frees up time for human insurance agents to focus on what they’re good at, improving the customer experience

What Central Bank Digital Currencies will mean for insurance

Risto Rossar, Founder and CEO of low-code provider Insly, explains what to expect from CBDCs in the insurance industry