Insurtech Articles

Why insurance demand is surging among low-income consumers

Fernanda Lima, Partner at LeapFrog Investments, discusses the insurance marketplace demand for products that suit low-income customers

SIX insurtech trends to disrupt the insurance market in 2023

We spoke to the experts at EY and Koffie Financial to find out which trends will change the insurtech space in 2023

Low-code software firm Insly launches claims management tool

Low-code software provider Insly has launched an agile and scalable claims management tool, which it hopes will appeal to the middle of the marketplace

Insurers see cyber insurance potential as threat increases

Insurers increasingly expect to see new revenue streams emerge from cyber insurance, but are facing more threats to their own businesses than ever

FintechOS reports a 300% YoY increase in insurance revenue

FintechOS has reported a 300% YoY increase in its insurance revenue driven by new products and services and market expansion

'Massive opportunity' for embedded property insurance

New research from insurtech Cover Genius has demonstrated the scale of untapped appetite for embedded insurance among renters, homeowners and landlords and Fusion launch global M&A solution for SMEs and Fusion Speciality have announced the launch a new insurance solution for M&As to combat the protection gap for SMEs


How insurers are preventing Russian oil from reaching Europe

As Turkey flexes its beaurocratic muscles, insurers threaten to withdraw insurance cover for tankers, while Russia plans a workaround strategy