he Future of Insurance | Lemonade @ DIA Munich 2017

By Evelyn Howat

 The brands that dominate today, dominated during the era of the horse drawn carriage. There’s been tremendous longevity and the question at hand if if these legacy or incumbent insurers will continue to dominate a generation from today. Insurance creates $100B businesses, that live for 200 - 300 years. But Daniel Schreiber, co-founder and CEO of Lemonade, predicts a shift - a significant changing of the guard. The assets which incumbent insurers have built up over the decades are now suddenly a liability. Whether it’s their brand, distribution methodology, IT stack, or whether it’s the corporate culture - all of these have served them so well but the tides are changing. The companies of tomorrow are going to be natively digital, created on a substrate that is data by its very foundation, and they’ll be staffed by bots rather than brokers and AI in favor of actuaries.  


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