Aug 12, 2021

Top 10 insurtech news sites to follow

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Top 10 insurtech news sites to follow
We chart the top 10 places to read about the latest industry updates in the insurtech sector

Keeping up with the latest news and views in the insurtech sector is essential for those in the industry. Fresh and breaking news, current trends, interviews, and commentaries as well as podcasts and video content reflecting the most current information, play a critical role in helping experts stay up to date. We take a look at the best places to visit for the latest news and views on insurtech.

10) Insurance Journal

An extensive daily news site that covers global developments, Insurance Journal takes the vast majority of its reports from the Reuters news service. It covers insurance in general - and less can be found about insurtech - but it's still a good site to explore in terms of the latest industry developments.

9) Insurance Thought Leadership

Doing exactly what it says on the tin - or the tagline in this case, Insurance Thought Leadership is a no-frills site that publishes the views of thought leaders in the industry, on a range of current and long-running concerns and developments. It’s a good go-to resource for in-depth analysis and infirmation on emerging trends.

8) Insurance Hound

More of a white paper research resource than a news site, Insurance Hound is a London-based content site that offers a comprehensive library of white papers on the insurtech and wider insurance industry. It’s a great website to visit if you need in-depth reports and analysis on certain subjects core to the industry.

7) IT InsurTech News

If you want to know about who is leading who in the insurtech influencer stakes, this is the site for you. Unfortunately, IT InsurTech News is not strong on daily news content and relies on PR agency releases that are published sporadically. But, it does have a regularly updated leaderboard so that key industry figures can check their progress against competitors in terms of their social media presence. This week, Daniel Schreiber, CEO of Lemonade is in the number 1 spot, and Julian Teicke of wefox is a lowly number 8, despite just having had a sports stadium in Berlin named after wefox.

6) Digital Insurance Agenda

With an emphasis on the technologies driving the insurance industry forward, Digital Insurance Agenda is a solid site with a range of commentaries on the latest developments across a number of sectors. While the coverage on breaking news isn’t their strong point, the site does offer excellent insights into new shifts and innovations.

5) InsTech London

As London is one of the leading global hubs in insurtech, this gold-standard news site that focuses mainly on UK news - but also includes commentary on breaking global stories, is an excellent source of industry news. The site has a regularly updated blog for opinion, podcasts with industry speakers, and a newsletter sign-up option.

4) Reinsurance News

Providing excellent daily content on the latest insurance and reinsurance global industry, Reinsurance News is a good go-to for general stories. Although the focus is on the insurance industry in general, the site often carries content on insurtechs and the insurance technology marketplace.

3) Digital Insurance

An online venture run by Source Media, Digital Insurance UK was launched in 2017, and offers a selection of in-depth articles by thought leaders, as well as commentary on breaking news stories. The palatable weekly newsletter also sends a sensible number of easily digestible news chunks direct to subscriber inboxes. 

2) The Digital insurer

An excellent source for breaking news and commentary on the APAC insurance industry with a lesser focus on global news, the Digital Insurer is another platform that delivers the headline news into user’s mailboxes on a weekly basis. It provides breaking news stories as well as commentary on the latest industry shifts.

1) InsurTech Digital

An online daily news site that also offers a monthly digital magazine packed with exclusive news and views, InsurTech Digital is the leading news site for the insurtech industry today. Laid out in a comprehensive format of daily news, features, commentary, and company thought leadership pieces, fresh content is uploaded daily.

The news pages contain a mixture of breaking news and industry updates, as well as interviews with leading figures, insightful reports into the insurtech sector, and more. The site also offers a newsletter service, delivered weekly to user email boxes, and a subscription service to the free online magazine.

Video interviews and podcast section also carries interviews with leading insurtech figures, who share their insider knowledge on the latest developments in the insurtech space. 










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