Insurance Office of America: driving a digital revolution

By William Girling
Insurance Office of America (IOA) has launched SimplyIOA, the first fully integrated quote comparison and purchasing platform in the US...

Insurance Office of America (IOA) has launched SimplyIOA, the first fully integrated quote comparison and purchasing platform in the US.

Headquartered in Florida and with over 60 offices spread across the US and London, UK, IOA is a fast-growing, innovative and much-celebrated presence in the American insurance industry. 

Offering coverage on home and car, the company states that it uses industry-leading technology underpinned by data science and machine learning to deliver an exceptionally easy and fast purchasing experience.

Customers will be able to compare and buy insurance from amongst the nation’s most trusted suppliers in as little as three minutes. “The result is an omnichannel, intuitive and fully responsive digital experience,” said the press release.

Changing how customers purchase coverage

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the most transformative trends in modern InsurTech today. IOA’s launch of SimplyIOA indicates a solid grasp on the tech-based evolution currently underway and a willingness to innovate new ways of working.

“We have listened to our customers, engaged in focus groups, consulted with industry experts, invested in technology and created an innovative, one-of-a-kind quote and buy platform,” said IOA Chairman and CEO Heath Ritenour. 

“With SimplyIOA, our aim is to deliver convenience to consumers by fundamentally changing the conventional method of buying coverage.”

Delivering an optimal digital experience

To usher in these exciting new changes to its service, IOA has partnered with other luminaries in the insurance and financial services sectors, including Nationwide, Safeco, Universal Property & Casualty and others.

“This is an exciting time for Insurance Office of America as we transition into the InsurTech sector with SimplyIOA,” concluded Heath. 

“We will continue to refine our online offering to meet consumer expectations at every touchpoint, while delivering an optimal digital experience for purchasing insurance.”


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