Feb 15, 2021

Xceedance and Akur8 announce a strategic partnership

Joanna England
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Xceedance and Akur8 announce a strategic partnership
Collaboration between Akur8 and Xceedance will deliver actuarial analytics solutions to insurance organisations...

A strategic partnership between two leading technology and insurtech platforms looks set to deliver a series of cutting edge services to providers.

The global insurance consulting group, Xceedance, which has offices in the US, the UK, Germany, Poland, Australia, and India, is joining forces with Akur8 - an AI pricing solution for insurance companies based on transparent machine learning.

The company helps insurers launch products, drive operations, implement intelligent technology, deploy advanced analytics, and achieve business process optimisation. 

Meanwhile, Akur8 specialises in risk modelling, demand modelling, impact analysis and price optimisation for Health and P&C cover. The company also replaces the manual processes of legacy solutions and the need to build and maintain large codebases through custom R/Python developments, while maintaining an output that is understandable and auditable, unlike black-box ML.

The partnership will provide an opportunity for insurers to gather extensive insights from internal or external data sources, enrich rate-making processes, and gain access to advanced actuarial expertise.

Technology and insurtech

By utilising the latest technology provided by Akur8, combined with industry proficiency from Xceedance, insurers can experience immediate improvements in their daily performance. 

Perks to insurers from the collaboration include faster rate-making processing, shorter time-to-market, and better governance and compliance in the rating process, as well as top-line and bottom-line growth potential.

Technology enablement is a speciality for the Xceedance actuarial and analytics services team. By joining its offerings with strategic partnerships globally, Xceedance provides a full suite of technology-driven solutions to reinsurers and insurers. 

Companies with an actuarial and analytics infrastructure benefit from an efficient deployment, while organisations with limited resources can access those solutions via advisory and consulting services from Xceedance.

Samuel Falmagne, CEO at Akur8, explained, "Akur8 is excited to join forces with Xceedance, a leading and recognized expert in the actuarial services landscape."

He continued: "By combining our resources, we can deliver a strong actuarial value proposition to insurance organisations — leveraging our unique ratemaking platform and top-notch actuarial expertise from Xceedance."

The Akur8 insurance pricing platform uses a new combination of transparent artificial intelligence (AI) and proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms which enable actuarial and predictive modelling teams to increase speed-to-accuracy, without losing auditability and control.

Matthew Duke, chief actuary, head of global actuarial and analytics services at Xceedance, said, "The Akur8 platform is distinctive in the pricing landscape, with an innovative approach to incorporating data science in the ratemaking process."

Duke explained, "Automation of critical steps in the predictive modelling process significantly reduces time-to-market, while maintaining high levels of precision and transparency. The Akur8 solution, combined with actuarial and analytics services from Xceedance, creates a powerful offering for insurance organisations worldwide."

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Jun 15, 2021

Searching for the Top 100 Leaders in FinTech

2 min
Have your say and nominate fintech industry influencers and legends in our search for the Top 100 Leaders announced at BizClik Media’s upcoming LIVE event

The search is on for the Top 100 Leaders in fintech 2021 – nominated by readers of FinTech Magazine and open to all.

The initiative has been launched and nominations are now open, with the final, prestigious Top 100 due to be announced during FinTech & InsurTech LIVE running 12-14th October, beamed from London to the world.

This latest, definitive list of the leading executives and influencers in the industry will be announced at the event and shared across social media channels, this website, and presented in a special supplement that honours all of those named in our annual list.

The Top 100 Leaders follows on from the well-received Top 100 Women in fintech that BizClik Media Group (BMG) – publishers of FinTech Magazine, InsurTech Magazine, and a growing portfolio of industry-leading titles – produced in March this year to coincide with International Women’s Day. 

“The Top 100 Women recognised the incredible and influential women driving our industry,” says Scott Birch, editorial director, BMG. “The success of that initiative encouraged us to recognise the Top 100 Leaders – individuals championing everything that we love about fintech and embracing best practice that’s good for business.”

Nominations are already coming in, with some notable highlights including:

Deborah Tan-Pink - Revolut

Amnah Ajmal - Mastercard

Dylani Herath - JP Morgan

Nominate your Top 100 Leader HERE

The deadline for nominations closes on Sunday 1 August 2021, and it is free to nominate. The Top 100 Leaders will be announced across our platforms and at the LIVE event.


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