Observe.AI launches Selective Redaction for sensitive data

Observe.AI, a platform that puts AI into customer conversations, launches an AI-powered solution for selectively redacting sensitive customer information

Contact centre artificial intelligence (AI) technology provider Observe.AI has introduced an AI-powered solution for selectively redacting Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI), and other sensitive information from recorded customer conversations

Observe.AI's Selective Redaction uses attention-based deep neural networks to selectively detect and redact relevant entities of customer information. Using deep learning, Observe.AI analyses the surrounding context of individual phrases to identify PII and PCI entities, even when there are transcription errors.

“Today's digital-first contact center contains a wealth of business-critical yet sensitive customer information. By harnessing AI to increase accuracy and precision of the redaction process, we’re letting contact centers adapt to the needs of their business and selectively hide customer information without losing the context of their conversations. This not only solves the compliance problem but also drives better agent performance and business results,” said Swapnil Jain, CEO at Observe.AI.

Protecting customer privacy

Selective Redaction technology is actively being used by 50+ Observe.AI customers across insurance, collections, financial services, and retail with a combined call volume of 60+ million. They are already using it to secure customer information and have reported less than 50 errors for missed redaction and less than 100 for over redaction, delivering the highest level of redaction accuracy in the industry. 

Using deep learning techniques, Observe.AI analyses the surrounding context of individual phrases to accurately identify PII and PCI entities even when there are transcription errors. Observe.AI customers are already using Selective Redaction to secure customer information. Selective Redaction helped avoid over-redaction in 150 million instances across 100 million calls with less than 500 reported errors, delivering the highest level of redaction accuracy in the industry.

Insurance firms can protect customer privacy by redacting policy numbers and other PII/PCI information while retaining full visibility of other information like enrollment fees and time mentions to evaluate agent understanding of all insurance products and processes.

"We rely on call transcripts and visibility into what's being said on customer interactions for coaching our agents. Observe.AI's Selective Redaction solves a big pain point for us,” said Melquin Troncoso, Global QA Senior Director, ERC. “We can now confidently remove sensitive information shared by clients while still getting the full context of customer and account validation for training purposes."


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