esure Group taps EIS to become a world-class digital insurer

By William Girling
UK-based motor and home insurance provider esure Group has partnered with San Francisco software firm EIS to boost its digital presence...

Helping esure Group achieve its ambition of becoming a “world-class” digital insurer, EIS will begin a process of transforming core IT infrastructure and applications.

The guiding philosophy of the overhaul will be to create “digital-first experiences” that add value and reflect the ongoing CX changes taking place in insurance generally.

By doing so, esure Group hopes to carve a distinctive position in its core competency markets. EIS’ upgrades will deliver a more customer-centric platform with omnichannel communication and self-service capabilities.

Disrupting insurance

Following the events of 2020, the majority of global insurers are now investigating how to make their services digital and adaptable. David McMillan, CEO at esure Group, made it clear that, in this regard, the company wants to go one step beyond its competition:

“We’re on a mission to transform our business into a world-class digital insurer, and to disrupt the insurance industry. The flexible EIS platform will help us leapfrog the competition by providing a tech-enabled customer experience, tailored propositions and attractive pricing. 

“Our strategic partnership with EIS is an exciting and significant milestone on our digital transformation journey."

Some of the new technology cited includes cloud, microservices and API stacks. esure Group will also be deploying a range of EIS’ applications, including PolicyCore®, BillingCore®, ClaimCore®, and CustomerCore™.

Leading a digital revolution

EIS will be introducing underwriting that is simultaneously intuitive, customisable and streamlined. Consultancy firm EY will support esure Group and EIS in the delivery of this transformation, which is anticipated to span its entire business model.

"It’s fantastic to know we are helping esure lead the industry’s digital revolution through the reinvention of the buyer journey and full quote-to-claims process," said Alec Miloslavsky, CEO of EIS. 

"Our Customer Compass survey told us the minority (43%) of UK policyholders consider their insurance providers are responsive to their needs. For insurers to thrive in this digital-first world, they’re accelerating their digital transformation projects to deliver a proactive, omnichannel experience that their customers are looking for."

Image credit: esure Group


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