AXA launches programme to build Digital Commercial Platform

AXA’s new Digital Commercial Platform aims to build an ecosystem of new services to tackle the fast-evolving protection needs of corporate clients

Global insurer AXA, has announced the launch of a strategic programme to build a Digital Commercial Platform. 

It will combine different services to transform the company’s value proposition to better serve its commercial customers, in line with AXA’s Driving Progress 2023 strategic plan.

The ambition of the platform is to fully leverage the combination of real time data and analytics collected through satellites, drones, sensors, with AXA’s expertise in risk prevention services and the company’s underwriting and claims capabilities.

Developing innovation throughout the company 

AXA stated that the platform will also feature two initial programmes, AXA Smart Services and AXA Climate. 

Georges Desvaux, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer of AXA, commented: “We are at a tipping point in our innovation strategy. After having accelerated the development of our expertise and our culture of innovation throughout the company, we now want to integrate a comprehensive, data driven ecosystem of services across our key markets aligned with our main strategic priorities.

“The Digital Commercial Platform is a quintessential embodiment of this strategy, like the Digital Healthcare Platform that we successfully launched last year across Europe. Both initiatives signal a new step in our innovation journey aiming at continuously improving our offers and services for our clients.”

Changing the way AXA operates and serves clients 

AXA Smart Services is a network that will provide risk insights, risk management capabilities and new services to support commercial clients. This programme will be able to offer clients the opportunity to monitor, in real time, all their assets both fixed and in-transit, while also providing them access to tailored prevention and value-added services.

The other initial programme, AXA Climate, is a science and data based open ecosystem that provides a spectrum of sustainability services, which includes training, insurance, consulting, and financing for large corporate customers, and public and financial institutions.

Scott Gunter, Chief Executive Officer of AXA XL, added: “Our ambition is to develop an innovative global solution that provides value to our commercial lines clients through protection and prevention. We recognise that traditional insurance is no longer the sole answer to our clients’ evolving risks.

“With Digital Commercial Platform, we are building a platform for insurance and risk management services that will transform our value proposition and the way we operate to serve our clients. We believe that this is increasingly what clients need and will look for from their insurance partner.”



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