Armorblox and Coalition partner to tackle cyber threats

Armorblox and Coalition, leaders in email security and cyber insurance have partnered to mitigate email-based cyber attacks

Armorblox, which analyses identity, behaviour, and language across communications platforms, has formed a partnership with Coalition, a leading provider of cyber insurance.

The new partnership will offer an innovative end-to-end solution to customers that combines email security and cyber insurance to protect organisations from cyber threats such as business email compromise (BEC), email account compromise (EAC) and phishing attacks.

“Two things are a must to have a modern approach to mitigating the risk posed by cyber threats,” said DJ Sampath, CEO of Armorblox. “An email security platform that can protect against sophisticated email-based threats like BEC, EAC, phishing, and ransomware, combined with a modern cyber insurer that understands the risks posed by today’s attack landscape. We are excited to partner with Coalition and completely transform how today’s organisations think about cyber risk mitigation.”

Combining cyber insurance and proactive cybersecurity tools to help organisations

It is paramount that email security providers have technology in place to stop advanced attacks and provide the necessary layers of protection for their customers. Unlike legacy secure email gateways, Armorblox uses NLU to analyse and identify targeted financial fraud, BEC, EAC, and phishing attacks. 

According to the company, Armorblox protects the most vulnerable layer, the human workforce, and prevents accidental or malicious disclosure of an organisation’s sensitive data, and protects against financial fraud attempts via email.

Coalition’s product offering combines cyber insurance and proactive cybersecurity tools to help organisations manage cyber threats and protect the value of their entire business. 

The new platform, Coalition Control, allows organisations to immediately visualise and mitigate their cyber risk while offering a robust partner ecosystem to help organisations protect themselves moving forward. Coalition’s comprehensive cyber insurance offers a full breadth of support for before, during, and after a crisis.

“Coalition offers much more than basic cyber insurance – we provide policyholders best-in-class proactive cybersecurity tools to manage their digital risk and protect the value of their entire business,” said Payal Chakravarty, Head of Risk and Security Products at Coalition. “Cyber risk is becoming the defining risk of our age. BEC and funds transfer fraud (FTF) incidents accounted for 48% of all reported incidents in the first half of 2021. We are proud to partner with Armorblox to offer our customers the tools and peace of mind to protect them from cyber threats.”


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