Bitsight AI Cybersecurity: Real-Time Asset Monitoring

A new engine makes it easier and faster to assess risks and prioritise remediation efforts, thus improving the organisation's security posture.

Bitsight, a cybersecurity ratings company, has introduced its next evolution of AI-powered technology to provide enterprises with a continuously updated view of internet-connected assets, third- and fourth-party relationships, and overall risk posture. The new architecture contextualises billions of security observations and turns them into timely and actionable insights for customers. 

The new Discovery and Attribution Engine creates a dynamic map of an organisation’s internet-connected assets, making it faster and easier to view exposure across the extended attack surface, assess risk, and prioritise remediation. The engine combines two complementary technologies: Bitsight Groma and Bitsight Graph of Internet Assets (GIA).

Continuous Update of Internet-Connected Assets: This technology provides an ongoing, real-time view of all internet-connected assets belonging to an organisation. This includes not only the direct assets but also extends to third and fourth-party relationships, enhancing visibility into the broader network ecosystem which is crucial for comprehensive risk management.

Contextualisation of Security Observations: This architecture handles billions of security data points, from which it extracts relevant insights. By contextualising these security observations, the technology provides actionable insights that are timely and relevant for the user. This means organisations can quickly understand potential vulnerabilities or threats in the context of their specific operations and risk profiles.

Discovery and Attribution Engine: This engine is a pivotal part of the new technology. It creates a dynamic map of all internet-connected assets of an organisation. This helps in quickly visualising and assessing exposure across what is referred to as the 'extended attack surface'—the total set of potential entry points for cyber attacks. 

This engine makes it easier and faster to assess risks and prioritise remediation efforts, thus improving the organisation's security posture.

Bitsight Groma and Bitsight Graph of Internet Assets (GIA):

  • Bitsight Groma: This technology scans the internet continuously to discover new and existing assets. It collects data on these assets, identifying security issues such as vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. This continuous scanning helps in keeping the asset map updated and enriched with new findings, which is essential for maintaining a secure IT infrastructure.
  • Bitsight Graph of Internet Assets (GIA): Utilising advanced graph technology and AI, this tool maps assets to specific entities and understands the relationships between different entities on a global scale. This helps in understanding how different assets are connected and how a security issue in one area might impact another, facilitating a more strategic approach to cybersecurity.


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