Mission's programme model for insurance underwriting

In the space of 18 months, Mission Underwriters has launched an innovative programme approach to insurance underwriting and taken on its first series.

Mission Underwriting Managers explains their innovative programme model for underwriting insurance. Founded 18 months ago, Mission offers a platform for entrepreneurial underwriters who want to start their own company but don't have the means, time, or capacity to set up a general agency. Those series partners work within their own separate teams as part of the broader Mission ecosystem, insulated from any shocks or poor performance that happen elsewhere within the company.

Mission CEO Keith Higdon explains his priorities for the near future: "We've created the phase one foundation for Mission. As I see us growing into 2023 and beyond, it's going to be a combination of expanding the series and the lines of businesses that we cover, as well as expanding the capacity and the carriers that we're partnering with in order to align with those coverages that we want to write. In the end, we expect there will be a great range of different lines of business in the P&C space, so that if you are a small-to-mid-sized company, you can get all of the insurance services that you need from Mission."


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