InsurTech Live: The Importance of Customer Engagement

Peter Stockhammer, Managing Director of Generali Engagement Solutions Gmbh, Shares his Expert Insight on the Importance of Customer Engagement

InsurTech Live Virtual 2023 saw a whole host of industry leaders from pioneering companies around the world join to share insight on the hottest topics, including the future of AI, insurtech ecosystems and digital strategies.

Peter Stockhammer has served as managing director of Generali Engagement Solutions GmbH since 2015 and has worked across the insurance industry for the last three decades.   He has spent the majority of his professional life within Insurance, and is known for being a true advocate of developing and driving new innovations within the sector.  

Stockhammer began his career in the insurance industry at Bundesländer Versicherung a forerunner of UNIQA Insurance Group in Vienna, Austria, in which he has held various senior positions within the company, including Head of Life and Accident Underwriting and Head of Property for their bank distribution. He then took on the role of CEO Life at Zurich in Austria before joining Generali in 2015 to work on the Vitality project.

Gamification, regular engagement and external influences are key to customer engagement 

During the fireside chat, Stockhammer identifies not only regular, tracked engagement with customers as crucial to really build those lasting relationships, but also promotes gamification of engagement.

“I’m particularly proud of Active Rewards, in our Vitality programme,” he says. 

“So you're getting a weekly physical activity goal, and if you're reaching it, you get the notification that there's a reward waiting for you and then you're going on and spinning it. We use some kind of wheel of fortune, which gives you a random one of 12 prizes that you can win.”

Alongside the tracking of what works internally, Stockhammer keeps a regular eye on strategies of other companies — not just competitors in the insurance industry, but also companies existing outside of the sector.

“It is crucial to have a look outside the insurance industry. And what I'm always asking the people and what I'm doing myself is saying I'm a customer of the entirety — what are customers getting elsewhere, what are their expectations?”


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