Traffk launches Hero Life Insurance solution for brokers

New York Based Traffk has launched Hero Life Insurance tool to empower brokers and agents in the digital marketplace

The New York-based insurtech startup Traffik has announce the launch of its latest insurance solution for brokers and agents entering the digital insurance marketplace.

Traffk specialises in underwriting and distribution, and its platform is designed to build and launch modern insurance products and brands that scale. 

Hero Life Insurance is a new tool that empowers companies to develop alternative business lines with new digital players. Hero Life was born as the result of a strategic alliance with SCOR, the world’s fourth largest reinsurer. Policies are underwritten by Assurity Life Insurance Company, A- (Excellent) by AM Best. 

Digital ecosystem partnerships for insurance companies offering life insurance

The collaboration ensures Hero Life customers are backed by two of the most trusted names in the insurance industry. The solution is unique because it is designed specifically for brokers and distributors requiring no medical exam for those applicants who qualify and offering up to US$2mn in term life coverage in under 20 minutes. 

Customers can also work directly with sales professionals to determine the best policy for their health and lifestyle. Clients are also guided through a simple electronic signature ceremony to review and apply directly from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Demand for life insurance in the the US market has risen considerably

According to reports, life insurance sales have hit their highest level in four decades. Data shows that in 2021, almost 70% of Americans don’t have life insurance cover. 

The majority of those who need life insurance say they would prefer a process that bypasses the need to see a doctor or take a medical exam. This environment provides a competitive advantage to brokers and agents who are offering a complete digital solution.

Traffk CEO and co-founder Glenn Hibler explained, “Over 90 percent of life insurance is sold through brokers, yet the majority of digital insurers are going direct to the consumer and completely cutting out the broker.”

He continued, “Our approach is different. We believe enhancing the insurance professional’s capabilities is the ideal way to close the coverage gap. What we offer is an all  digital, instant decision term life policy designed to be sold over the phone, via web conference or with a sharable link. The process is done in minutes and requires no medical exam for those applicants who qualify.”

Streamlined services leading disruption in insurtech

Speaking about the partnership, Manisha Dias, Vice President – Strategic Partnerships at SCOR said the life insurance purchase process has gone through rapid evolution over the years, through different parts of the value chain. 

“While the optimisation of this process remains largely inconsistent across the industry, players are increasingly mindful of it when constructing new programs," she said. 

“Traffk’s modern approach with the Hero Life program brings that optimization, and to channels that need it the most,” said Manisha Dias, Vice President – Strategic Partnerships at SCOR.

Eamon Walsh of NFP, concluded, “Early insurtechs focused on disintermediating brokers, unlike Traffk, which has focused on bringing brokers and clients together on the digital insurance platform facilitating a process that saves time and money.”

He added, “Traffk has also invested in the user interface itself as they value the customer experience as part of their client engagement.  It’s more than an insurance buying process because Traffk values the broker’s relationship with the client and knows that everyone working in partnership supports the quality of the business they write. It’s a better approach for clients and for brokers.”


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