TigerRisk forms partnership with Pinpoint Predictive

TigerRisk has partnered with Pinpoint Predictive on a new platform that aims to help P&C insurers make more sophisticated business decisions

TigerRisk Partners LLC, a leading risk, capital and strategic advisor to the global insurance and reinsurance industries, has announced a partnership with Pinpoint Predictive, the leading analytics platform providing powerful new predictive signal to insurers via individualized data enrichment and explainable analytics. 

Pinpoint’s innovative platform uses proprietary data and powerful deep learning algorithms to help P&C insurers to make more sophisticated decisions. Pinpoint’s AI has modeled the behavioral propensities of the adult population of the US. Its automated platform produces risk scores for individuals as well as explainable analytics revealing the factors that drive specific human behaviors. These new capabilities allow insurance companies to significantly boost key predictions at the time of quote, including claims frequency, SIU referral, litigation propensity, cancellation, and home-inspection outcomes. 

The platform helps optimise front-end processes across marketing and distribution channels, including aggregators, agency book rolls, MGAs, brokers, and direct. “We are continually looking to partner with best-in-class insurtech firms, and we think Pinpoint fits that criteria”, said Bill O’Keefe, TigerRisk’s Head of Strategy. “Pinpoint is a personality-focused data enrichment platform that provides new predictive power to carriers and MGAs, leveraging the latest in behavioral economics and artificial intelligence, all in a privacy-safe fashion. Factoring individuality into predictions can save US$100s of millions per year. 

What does the partnership between TigerRisk and Pinpoint Predictive aim to do? 


The partnership aims to demonstrate TigerRisk’s commitment to supporting cutting-edge technology companies as well as our desire to bring value-added opportunities to our clients.” “We are thrilled to be partnering with TigerRisk to offer their clients our unique and impactful platform,” said Pinpoint Chief Executive Officer Scott Ham. “Personalising predictive analytics with Pinpoint provides a tremendous opportunity to treat people as true individuals with future potential”. 

Founder and CIO Avi Tuschman added: “This partnership will allow Pinpoint to expand its reach and bring individualized intelligence to leading P&C carriers, enhancing their risk selection by making better forward-facing predictions.”




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