Hippo’s new Marketplace to launch cyber cover from Blink

Hippo’s First Connect Insurance Marketplace will provide cyber cover in collaboration with Blink, by Chubb for the homeowner market

Hippo Insurance’s rapidly expanding homeowners marketplace, First Connect, is partnering with Blink to provide personal cyber protection cover to independent agents taking part in First Connect’s insurtech platform. 

The digital marketplace First Connect was acquired by Hippo in 2021, and is designed to offer independent agents access to the leading insurance providers that will offer cyber protection products underwritten by Blink. 

The product, which is backed by Chubb, a world leader in property and casualty insurance, is offering the standalone coverage that protects customers against cyber risks including online extortion, cyberbullying, and identity theft. It also covers data restoration and replacement as part of the package.

New cyber cover by Blink will protect consumer customers from cyber risks

The partnership between Blink and First Connect has helped shape the new cover to safeguard consumers from the threats created by their ever-growing digital footprints. Bad actors and cyber attacks in the home space are increasing commonplace and have resulted in emotional and financial damage. 

According to reports, Blink’s Cyber Protection manages the needs of customers facing these risks. Victims of cyberbullying are covered for associated costs resulting from repeated harassment via an electronic device, including psychiatric services and temporary relocation costs. Blink also helps customers recover from identity theft or cyber extortion by covering the cost of hiring professional services and money or digital currency paid as ransom.

Speaking about the new collaboration,  First Connect President Aviad Pinkovezky explained, “With multiple devices and online accounts, cyber protection is a necessity in today’s always-connected world. By offering Blink’s Cyber Protection, small and medium-sized agencies gain access to yet another national carrier and a growing list of fully digital products available on First Connect that can be easily combined with other types of coverage.”

Laura Bennett, Senior Vice President of eConsumer for Chubb in North America, commented, saying, “Blink is delighted to offer First Connect agents simple, jargon-free personal cyber insurance to help protect their customers’ digital lives. “First Connect’s approach to providing fast quotes and near-instant binds made it a natural platform to offer Cyber Protection to independent agencies.”


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