Hippo Appoints Grace Hanson as Chief Claims Officer

Hippo Insurance has appointed Grace Hanson to the position of Chief Claims Officer, to oversee the growth of Hippo’s claims organisation

Hippo, a company focused on home insurance has announced that Grace Hanson will join the company as Hippo’s first Chief Claims Officer, effective January 2022. Hanson will oversee the growth and sophistication of Hippo’s claims organisation as the company expands to reach more than 90 percent of U.S. homeowners this year.

“Hippo is at the forefront of the customer-first approach in the home insurance space, leveraging cutting-edge technology to anticipate and solve homeowner problems before they emerge, and guiding them when they experience a loss,” said Hanson. “Protecting the home is a passion of mine and I’m excited to build on Hippo’s innovative successes to push the bar for customer experience in claims and take care of our customers when they need us most.”

Hippo is transforming the home insurance industry by protecting the joy of homeownership through proactive and consumer-focused products and services.

A key component of Hippo’s approach is its personalised approach to claims, which Hanson will oversee, that works directly with customers to provide a reliable and painless claims experience. In her role, Hanson will extend the company’s use of technology and data to increase claims efficiency and ensure that customers are able to complete claims with limited effort and an empathic shoulder to lean on throughout the process.

Hippo insurance modernises the customer experience 


“Hippo has done an exceptional job of modernising the customer flow, risk mitigation through the use of IoT devices, and enhancing automation of the underwriting process; all of which create a delightful customer experience,” said Rick McCathron, President of Hippo. “As Hippo takes the next step in becoming a holistic home protection partner for our customers, we are investing the same level of technology and innovation into the claims handling process to maintain a high bar and commitment to customer satisfaction.”

Hanson has developed a deep pedigree of insurance expertise and refined the ability to look at the claims function in a unique way. She has her finger on the pulse of the industry and is eager to drive modernisation across Hippo’s claims organization. Previously, she was the Chief Claims Officer for Hiscox where she brought significant change to the claims function. In her career, Hanson built deep experience with InsurTech companies as SVP Chief Claims Officer of Homesite Insurance, the first insurer to offer a fully digital homeowner product. In her role, Grace built a claims organisation that not only handled 400 percent growth in eight years but was also at the forefront of using emerging technology.

“To Hippo, the best claims experience is not just managing a claim quickly and efficiently, but helping homeowners avoid the claim entirely. When you have someone with such a deep institutional background as Grace, who also understands the rate of change in the industry, she can absolutely help guide us in the areas of preventative, proactive services that help avoid that claim from happening,” said McCathron. “Her contributions to the company will transcend the claims function and it’s our belief that she will add value in almost every aspect of our company.”




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