AWS Partner Network (APN) Welcomes InsurTech Company Arturo

Arturo is the latest addition to the AWS Partner Network to join a select group of companies developing innovative solutions on top of Amazon Web Services

Known for providing real-time data to insurance companies through its powerful aerial imagery services, Arturo is raising the bar for InsurTech. Through its partnership with the AWS Partner Network, the company will drive the next generation of insurance products and services for consumers and enterprises by further leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies.

With this announcement, it's clear that APN recognises Arturo as an innovator in their space. This partnership could also be an indication of scalability on the side of Arturo, which will be important to keep up with growing demand. As the world's climate continues to change, the importance of aerial imagery to monitor the planet cannot be overstated because it allows us to better understand and help vulnerable regions prepare for the effects of climate change.

Arturo's proprietary technology could further leverage AWS Elemental Media Services (EMS) via Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, allowing users to stream footage from drones directly into their data pipeline with reduced latency and cost-savings compared to traditional video formats such as HLS or MPEG DASH.

The importance of cloud computing for scaling insurtech solutions 

Cloud technology has seen a huge growth in recent years, and Arturo is one of many companies that are looking to get on board with the latest innovations. As more companies come onto the cloud scene, it gives them the ability to offer more services with fewer resources, resulting in increased performance across the board

Arturo deals with vast amounts of data each month. The company has a long history with AWS, utilising it as both a data processing and insurtech firm. The addition of Arturo will simplify many processes that already operate on the cloud-based platform. Clients who rely heavily on distributed computing may find it easier once they transition over from other methods such as having local servers or dedicated hosting.

In summary, with the addition of Arturo into the AWS Partner Network, Arturo becomes a stronger competitor in the insurance technology market and will be able to offer more services. 


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