The Future of Insurance: Fintech, Insurtech and Innovation

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Samuel Knott, Sales Director UKI at the Fadata Group talks about how our industry is changing in the face of tech and changing consumer expectations

The insurance industry, traditionally known for its stability and cautious approach to change, has experienced a dramatic transformation since the start of the digital revolution. The rise of Insurtech has placed significant pressure on insurers to adopt new capabilities and innovate swiftly to meet evolving consumer expectations and fend off digital disruptors.

Currently, the industry is navigating the complex process of integrating these new Insurtech capabilities. Despite widespread recognition of the need for innovation, the pace of adoption remains sluggish. Recent reports reveal that while 80% of insurers acknowledge the necessity of AI, few have fully implemented it - this particularly slow transition demonstrates the challenges in transforming entrenched systems and practices.

For real change to take hold, both insurers and Insurtech firms must expedite this process.

Samuel Knott, Sales Director UKI at the Fadata Group

Samuel Knott, Sales Director UKI at the Fadata Group, emphasises the need for a fundamental shift in mindset. “A whole mindset change is required of insurers in allowing them to open up their creative freedom and apply innovation to broken processes, that they are experts on, and then utilise the disruptive element of Insurtechs to utilize the latest and greatest in offerings. Onboarding new capabilities will see insurance businesses; streamlining processes, tackling cybercrime, ready to scale, faster to market and capable of hyper personalisation to meet the digital demands of millennials and Gen-Z, but at the current adoption pace, it could take a while.”

The Future of Insurtech: A New Path

The insurance industry is at a pivotal moment of change. "Customer demand coupled with tech innovation is driving a revolution, ushering in transformative thinking and processes that will undoubtedly improve the industry as a whole," he says. "Hyper personalisation sits at the heart of future insurance, which is already seeing risk prevention before the point of claim becoming a USP for digital insurers and policies evolving."

It is also clear that the utilisation of AI will play a significant role in insurance evolution: "As [AI] is applied to emerging risk patterns and risk models, streamlining processes and detecting fraud, it is only a matter of time before the perfect coverage scenario will exist. The technology is available to enable a shared economy across insurance companies so that customers can sign up to every facet of insurance requirement for absolute protection in one place."

Meeting Shifting Consumer Expectations and Combating Digital Challengers

"An insurer’s superpower is insurance, while digital challengers tend to be single mindedly focussed on being digital," he says. "Without an insurance mindset, Insurtechs don’t deliver the full package whereas, if an insurer cracks the digital journey offering it is in a much better position to deliver and to differentiate themselves."

"The concept of a shared economy and ecosystem of expertise is the way forwards whereby Insurtechs or tech companies provide the latest tech innovations, underpinned in insurance fundamentals which come from the insurance companies themselves. Innovation within the industry isn't just implementing tech on top of bad processes and offerings, innovation will come from insurers utilising their years of data sets and experience, structuring it, quantifying it and understanding it to utilise tech and then deliver truly relevant products and offerings, with the customer sat front and centre. Understanding protection gaps, why they exist and what is needed to fill them will certainly have a bearing on meeting customer expectations, so too will a curiosity to understand a customer’s true desires and addressing business siloes that hinder an insurance business from becoming truly customer centric."


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