Munich Re Life US and Clareto Debut Automated EHR Summarizer

The new digital tool is designed to assist in life insurance underwriting by providing a streamlined, intelligent synopsis of electronic health records

Munich Re Life US has partnered with Clareto to release a groundbreaking digital tool called Automated EHR Summarizer. This new insurtech solution offers a sophisticated and user-friendly overview of electronic health record (EHR) data in two key formats: a navigable human-readable HTML report and structured digital data for integration into various underwriting and analytical processes.

Overview of Automated EHR Summarizer

The Automated EHR Summarizer system extracts and standardises EHR data directly from its source, displaying high-priority information for underwriters and providing essential triage guidance. By automating the processing of extensive EHRs, it significantly reduces the manual effort involved, allowing for a more efficient and precise assessment of projected health trajectories in accelerated underwriting scenarios. This tool is particularly beneficial for post-issue audits and light-touch underwriting processes.

June Quah, Vice President of Integrated Analytics at Munich Re North America Life

June Quah, Vice President of Integrated Analytics at Munich Re North America Life, highlights the tool’s alignment with market demands: “The Automated EHR Summarizer not only meets but exceeds customer expectations by facilitating rapid and accurate decision-making. Leveraging our expertise in risk assessment, alongside our capabilities in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, this product pushes the frontier of digital transformation within the life insurance sector.”

Dave Dorans, CEO of Clareto, explains the broader industry impact: “This innovation is set to hasten the adoption of EHRs and further streamline underwriting processes, delivering mutual benefits to customers and insurance carriers alike. By replacing more cumbersome and expensive data sources with EHRs and simplifying their application, we are effectively closing the gap between the availability of digital medical records and their practical utilization in the industry.”

Key Benefits and Features

Automated EHR Summarizer has several distinctive features:

  • Advanced Technology: Utilizes AI and NLP to effectively parse and organize EHR data for digital usage, tailored for both automated and traditional underwriting.
  • Expertise in Underwriting: Munich Re's extensive experience in risk assessment empowers the tool to extract and present only the most pertinent data, simplifying the underwriting process.
  • Exclusive Triage Guidance: This unique feature provides clear paths for data that may bypass manual review, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Designed with EHRs in Mind: The tool employs Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), a cutting-edge standard for health data interoperability.
  • Adaptability for Automated Decision-Making: Optimised for integration with rule engines and scoring models, adapting to the evolving needs of the industry.
  • Extensive Health Data Network: Sourced exclusively from Clareto’s EHR+ network, which covers over 240 million patients across all 50 states.

As EHR adoption rates surge, they are poised to become the primary source of medical data for underwriting, potentially replacing traditional physician statements.

“Our team is deeply invested in the future of life insurance, utilising both traditional and emerging data sources along with AI and machine learning to create solutions that enhance accuracy and efficiency. We plan to expand this product to include model scores and full risk class assessments through alitheia, our instant decisioning platform,” added Quah.

About Munich Re and Clareto

Munich Re Life US, a prominent life reinsurer in the US, is part of the global Munich Re Group, and renowned for its comprehensive insurance and risk solutions. Munich Re has been a global key player in covering significant risk events, from historical earthquakes to contemporary cyber threats.

Clareto, a fully owned subsidiary of Munich Re Life US, manages the most extensive EHR interoperability network designed specifically for life insurance. Its EHR+ network connects to EHRs, HIEs, and other data sources, enhancing the underwriting, claims, and business processes across the life insurance industry. Through its innovative approach, Clareto enables a seamless digital transformation in underwriting, fostering faster decisions and increased satisfaction for policyholders.


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