Gary Ho on Digital Transformation as CTO at AXA HK and Macau

Chief Technology Officer of Insurance Giant AXA Hong Kong and Macau, Gary Ho, discusses the relationship between better digitalisation and data

Gary Ho, Chief Technology Officer of AXA Hong Kong and Macau, has been in digital technology for over 2 decades with a solid technical background, primarily focusing on leading enterprise solutions architecture. He has formulated IT strategies and driven multimillion-dollar transformation projects in insurance firms.

“Changes in enterprise architecture are inevitable alongside digital transformation; these projects helped me understand how the commercial world and technology could go together to create positive impacts,” he says of his tenure within the digital tech sector.

According to Ho, there are three focal points that set AXA apart, and these are: responding to trends, always being present, and nurturing an environment for sustainable growth. He says “taken as a whole, these allow us to deliver our promises for both today and tomorrow”.

He talks about transformation, technological trends, teams as the foundation of every aspect of IT and beyond at AXA and how customer experience is central to everything at AXA. 

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