Digital Strategy Articles

How Digital Lenders can Mitigate Loan Delinquency Risks

Discover strategies for digital lenders to reduce loan delinquency risks through advanced algorithms, loan payment protection, and alternative data sources

How Telematics is Steering the Future of Insurance

Kannan Amaresh, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Insurance at Infosys sat down to discuss how telematics is shaping the future of insurance

CGI: Digital Business and Technology Strategy in Insurance

Companies should rethink processes whilst digitising, says Daren Rudd, Head of Business, Technology and Innovation Consulting, Insurance UK at CGI UK

Climate Risk: Sustainable Insurance at Sustainability Live

Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero offers essential opportunities to hear from the world’s leading experts including Microsoft, Polestar, General Motors & more

Admiral Teams Up with Google Cloud for Digital Overhaul

Admiral has strategically partnered with Google Cloud to revolutionise its operations, enhance customer experiences, & drive innovation

Lifetime of Achievement: Peter Zaffino

As the CEO of US insurance giant AIG, Peter Zaffino is committed to tackling climate change and being an ‘ally’ in the fight for equal pay

Digitisation: transforming the face of insurance

Insurtechs are spearheading a digital revolution in insurance. We look at what insurers must consider when choosing to transform their legacy systems

Odigo: the digital transformation of contact centres

We speak to Odigo’s Agam Kohli on the digital transformation of contact centres at insurance companies. How, and why, have they changed so much?