AXA Transforms Claims with Virtual Healthcare Payment Card

AXA Global Healthcare revolutionises claims with its virtual payment card, streamlining the process for members globally

In a move to simplify the claims process for its customers, Global Healthcare — the health insurance division of leading insurer AXA — has developed an exciting, disruptive new offering. Introducing the cutting-edge virtual healthcare payment card.

“We’re pleased to be launching our new healthcare payment card as the first step to giving our members a wallet of services from which they can access their international private medical insurance policy,” says Andy Edwards, Managing Director at AXA Global Healthcare

Streamlining the claims process

AXA Global Healthcare takes a significant step towards providing members with digital wallets through its pioneering healthcare payment card. This card, a virtual entity, seamlessly integrates into members' digital wallets, whether on Apple Pay or Google Pay, the foremost mobile wallet providers.

Empowering members, the card facilitates hassle-free payments for eligible outpatient treatments via mobile platforms. From over-the-counter prescriptions to minor medical expenses, members can now make these payments without dipping into their own funds or navigating the intricacies of a protracted claims process.

Research conducted across AXA Global Healthcare’s memberships highlights a consistent issue — time and administrative work serving as impediments to a smooth claims experience. Most claims submitted internationally are of low value, often self-paid by the members. The aftermath involves the tedious process of filing a claim, a task that does not resonate well with AXA's members.

In response to this, AXA Global Healthcare's new payment card is strategically designed to alleviate these pain points. The card serves as a hassle-free mode of settling bills for outpatient treatment at any worldwide healthcare provider offering a contactless VISA payment option. This extends beyond AXA’s existing 1.9 million international network providers.

Transformative rollout: Navigating the future of claims

The introduction of the healthcare payment card marks the beginning of AXA Global Healthcare's transformative journey. The initial rollout targets selected corporate groups, inviting them to register and generate their virtual cards.

The process is streamlined, eliminating the need to contact AXA Global Healthcare directly. Once generated and active, the virtual card seamlessly integrates into the member’s digital wallet. The only administrative task required is uploading an invoice to the AXA - Global Healthcare Card app.

As the rollout enters its early stages, AXA Global Healthcare gears up to measure the success of its service. This phase allows for fine-tuning and refinements, ensuring a seamless experience for members ahead of a comprehensive launch to a wider customer base.

AXA Global Healthcare's strategic approach, informed by customer feedback and a commitment to innovation, seeks not only to retain existing customer relationships but also to forge new ones. The reputation of providing straightforward insurance products resonates with AXA’s global markets, positioning them as a frontrunner in transforming the landscape of health insurance claims.

“Building the resilience of our offerings is key to AXA - Global Healthcare’s ability to provide enhanced propositions for customers and is central to our wider strategic growth plans for the business,” Edwards continues.

“By listening to our customers and innovating to resolve their challenges, our aim as a business is to retain and strengthen our customer relationships and build new ones through our reputation of providing seamless, straightforward insurance products for global markets.”


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